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Hi all!

I'm considering a role as a Ski / Snowboard instructor with club med and I'd like to get some more information on what the job actually involves. The country I'm interested in is China, but I'm sure it'll be similar around the world!

<ul><li> What kind of level of skiing/snowboarding are you asked to teach? I'm really interested in teaching intermediate/advanced riders. I'm very happy to teach beginners some of the time, but I don't want to spend 6 months teaching people how to ride green slopes and how to put their boots on. I really need a mix - will I get that with club med?</li>
<li>What kind of hours do they teach? Is it 9-5 all day?</li>
<li>How do the CM instructors work with local ski schools? I know that in Yabuli there's a ski school called 'Perfect Turn'. I'm really worried that these guys will take all the intermediate/advanced skiiers/boarders and I'll just be left with kids and beginners. Again, I'm really happy to teach kids and beginners, but I want to teach advanced people sometimes too! </li>
<li>What kind of free time do you get to do your own skiing? I know that I'll have one day off a week - will I be teaching solidly for the other 6 days, or will I be able to have some of my own ski time on other days?</li>
<li>Is ski uniform provided?</li>
<li>The websites make a lot of mention of ski guiding. I've been a ski guide before, and I enjoyed it. How often will I be guiding compared to teaching?</li></ul>

It'd be great if anyone who's taught skiing/snowboarding for CM could answer these questions for me. I'm a little worried at the moment, because CM don't actually want a ski qualification for me to teach, they're happy to take my word that I'm a decent skier and just let me teach... sounds a bit lax to me?

Thanks for your help!
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Based on my experience from Copper Mountain and Crested Butte as a GM( both closed), CM brings in a (large) group of prospective ski and snowboard instructors, who are tested by the senior CM ski instructors. Many are sent home; the remaining are assigned to classes based on the need and their skills. Ski instructors undergo continuous training during the season, they also have the duty of a GO ( there could be a few perks). CM ski instructors in the French Alps belong to local ski schools, they are not GOs( this is due to unionization in the country, and CM cannot use their instructors on the mountain). The country of origin and CM experience are not listed for me to be more specific.
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