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I booked clubmed yabuli ski resort for 20th Dec to 23rd Dec through their appointed agent in Shanghai. I paid and received a confirmation number and then booked airplane tickets. Now they are telling me that they made a mistake on price and I need to pay RMB 6800 more for those dates, or change to some other time. But the plane tickets I bought can not be cancelled or changed. Clubmed China office seems to have no one working there because the phone was never answered. What can I do?

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Dear Rachel,

I advise you to write a letter to Club Med office explaining that you are not responsible for this mistake. I do not know the law in our country but according to me once a contract has been issued and agreed by both parties, which is the case here as you received a confirmation, this contract must be respected. If not, then Club Med should paid penalties to you. If they still want to change, then they should pay you a trip with plane tickets.

Just ask them what they will have done if it was you that had made a mistake ? They would have probably not accepted any changes unless you pay something....

Good luck !

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Chicago Jim
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I would check the fine print to see if Club Med has any ability to cancel the reservation. Also has your credit card been charged and have you paid. I would wait till all that has cleared before raising a big issue. They could argue that because they did not charge you there is no contract. Once they have charged you and have your money you are on stonger grounds. If you were calling back to formally book, I would escalate this to a manager and just tell them straight out that you had a price quoted which are generally good for X days, you booked a flight, and they need to honor the quote. If that person cannot deal with it then ask who can.

I would also look for alternative places to stay that are refundable so you have a back-up plan in CM decides to hold firm and say no. You are unfortunately faced with a practical issue in that if CM wants to be difficult they can say no realizing that you are not going to sue, etc. Not good customer service but this is a side of CM as well as a lot of other places. There is a certain arrogance about CM that they never make mistakes or do something wrong.

Good luck. I am sure you are a hard working person who got a chance to take a nice trip then gets jerked around.

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I believe you can check the booking conditions on the China CLub med website. If you've paid the full price of the stay, then, they cannot ask you to pay for the increase.

Anyway, the rates are usually available on the CM website.

Suspect that the sales rep could have underquoted the rates. You may wish to escalate this issue to the CM office in Shanghai (if there is one) if matter cannot be resolved.

If it is the agency's fault, then, I think you should not be penalised for their mistake. If you were aware that they under-quoted the fares, then i think it would be unconscionable on your part to insist on the bargain concluded.

Anyway, hoping that parties resolve this issue amicably.Good Luck.

Aita Pea Pea
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