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Which ski resort?

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I have just come across this site and I hope someone can help me.
We are a family of 5 from Western Australia with 3 kids 15, 9 and 7 years old.
We are planning our first stay with Club Med and our very first stay at a ski resort in the second week of January 2005. We have not skied before (not much opportunity here!!) and would just like to learn the basics and have fun in the snow with the family.
We would like to stay at one of the following resorts and would like to hear from anyone that has stayed there and from anyone who can recommend the best one for us.
The resorts we are looking at are:
Serre Chevalier or
St. Moritz
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I've been last year to Cervinia : ski runs, are quite large and the slope is not so big. a good thing, is that it is a big place and on ski runs you don't have too many people. I also was in St. Moritz. there you have ski runs for everyone, from very easy to very difficult. I like St. Moritz also has village (it is a 4 trident). The town is also pretty, on the contray Cervinia is just a street with some houses, and some shops (i really don't like the town). You can also go to Pontresina: you will go ski to the same places of St. Moritz.
I was in Sestriere many years ago. I remember few things, but for ski is ok.
I think you will find more pople speaking english in St. Moritz (especially for the kids)

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Hello there,
I am a travelagent in Belgium and I was in Pontresina two times but this Club is closed since april this year.
In the same ski area you have indeed St Moritz. This is a very beautifull club that is not near the lifts and you have to walk 800 or 900 meters with your whole equipment (shoes, skis,....) There is no shuttle....that's the only thing I didn't like about this Club.
In the winter of 2003 I was also in Cervinia and that is also a very nice Club with lot of "ambiance" in the evening. This Club has a (free) shuttleservice that brings you to the lifts or downtown for a walk in the (small) centre. CLM Cervina has a very beautiful indoor swimmingpool and a fantastic SPA to relax (sauna, massages,.....).
The village is ST moritz is indeed more beautiful than Cervinia but sooooo expencive.....
My clients recomment also Serre Chevalier as a very good club for kids.But no matter which club you choose.......I am sure you will have a fantastic vacation with Club Med !!!
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For beginners, Wengen is quite nice. For the more advanced ones I really can recommend St. Moritz (see my posting). Cervinia is nice, with long runs from 3800m to 2000m, but the altitude may cause some issues (e.g. a Greek couple really had problems and got sick on 3500m).
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