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which village this season?

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Hi, there!

I guess this question was asked here a million times, but still I'm counting on some recommendations. Here's the deal: we're a family of three - my wife, our 8-year old girl and myself - planning to have ski, snowboard, snowsmth vacations in the Alps this winter. The CM variety is overwhelming. I'm quite a skillful snowboarder, but quite lame on skis, my wife can do some snowboading and the daughter never rode anything more serious than sleds.
We plan to stay for 7-10 days. Pool and a sauna would be a great plus. Miniclub is a must, I'm afraid.
The options we're considering are Serre Chevalier, Cervinia and probably Saint-Moritz, though its exterior doesn't look very nice. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - we're big fans of beautiful landscapes.

Taking into the account all the above would you please say are the villages we chose allright. Should welook no further? Or we didn't really find the right ones? What CM in the Alps would be classified as the best one for the family?
Would appreciate any positive feedback!
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