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CDV & GO Team Les Menuires Winter 06-07

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spend my first Club Med holiday in Les Menuires this January.
We had a great vacation, including a fantastic experience with the Mini Club. (So, if any Mini Club GO read this, 2 thumbs up)

So last week I've made reservations for next winter season, again Les Menuires.

And here's my question?

Does a CDV and his GO Team change each year for a Club Village or could it be we encounter some known GO's.

BTW: CDV winter 05-06 was Lionel Pirotte
Apparently he's now at Sant'Ambroggio


(same post in the QUESTIONS forum)
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To answer your question from the point of view of a GM.

I have gone back to the same general region 17 years in a row and found that most, if not all of the staff rotate among the dozens of winter villages. It does happen that I will bump into a GO for a second time.

As time goes on, the GOs get older and move on in their careers to other domains, witness the relative young average age of GOs.

As rare as it is to encounter the same GO for a second time, only slightly not as rare is the probability of encountering the same GM for the second time by pure chance.

It has happened to me about a dozen times but given that I have shared these Clubs with over ten thousand guests, this is a very small repeat ratio.

Where you may have reason to celebrate is the fact that many of the ski instructors hired by the Clubs are local residents who will be happy to reintroduce you to all those on and off piste runs that you might have shared in the past.

Nevertheless, two close friendships with skiers I met 15 years ago have led to annual reunions at La Plagne on 7 occasions.

I hope you find your return visits as rewarding as mine.
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