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Diving Columbus Isle

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I'm going to Columbus the first week of Nov-first visit there & to a Club Med.
Do I book my diving beforehand or when I get there?
If I book in advance is there a price advantage & do the spots fill up?
What happens if you pre-book & another hurricane comes along- do you get your money back?
Oh- and how does the diving compare to Cozumel?
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Hi cjbrit
Normally the day you arrive in Columbus, there is scuba sign up before you go to dinner. However I'm not too sure the office still take a pre booking before you leave...when I was working they did so just ask CM office.

If you would like to dive as soon as you arrive...(although you arrive in the morning and if you want to dive in the afternoon...) you can go to scuba office as soon as you get there.

Have a great dive in Columbus. I miss there lots!

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