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A few years ago Club Med Planet started as a little website to keep in touch with all those wonderful friends I (Michael 'GODJ, short for Gentil Organisateur Disc-Jockey' De Coninck) had met in Club Med over the years. I confess, I have been a Club Med Addict for over 42 years now and still going strong. Little by little more information became available and more people joined the Club Med Planet community and now we have over 12.000 members and over 2.500 Club Med Enthousiasts every day sharing the Club Med Experience.

Club Med Planet in 2002

CMP (Club Med Planet) has grown over the years to include a lot of information on current and past villages and we have added a few fun things to do like track-a-G.O, Dresscodes, Crazy Sign Radio and more. You can use it to find old friends and find out interesting trivia about villages, people, activities and be a part of the largest Club Med Community in the world.

That way every day is a bit of a Holiday ... or you can just relax and plan your next holiday.

Club Med Planet in 2014

Since January 2014 Club Med Planet is also an official Club med Travel Agent (it had to happen some day) with direct contact in Club Med Globally and at every Level.

Wherever you are, if you are planning a Club Med Holiday, give us a shout (quote request is the easiest tool for this) and we'll get you the best deal available, whether you are a single traveler, family (with or without a bunch of kids) or a group.

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