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The Discovery Center offers a variety of excursions (extra cost) to discover the country - registration on the premises, subject to availability.

Arraial d'Ajuda (1/2 day)

Pause to tour craft shops and typical bars and restaurants. Transfer included with guide. 

Indian Tribe (1/2D)

Porto Seguro City Tour(1/2D)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Visit to the Jaqueira Indians to find out about the life of the Pataxos and the Atlantic forest. Next, in the historic centre of Porto Seguro, you will find the ruins of the first Jesuit college. (This excursion may also be available during the day - ask us.) 

Porto Seguro by night (evening)

Nightlife in Porto Seguro is intense. On arriving by ferry, you will have a free evening to visit the restaurants and experience the joyful atmosphere in the streets, filled with tents selling typical drinks. 

Praia do Espelho (1/2 day)

An adventure outing!! A 70-minute ride into the heart of the country, through the Mata Atlantica forest and the sandbanks to the Praia do Espelho, one of the loveliest beaches in Brazil. You'll have the time to walk and admire the beauty of the scenery, before going back to the Club for lunch.

Trancoso (1/2D)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Built on the site of Sao José Batista dos Indios, Trancoso was founded by the Jesuits in 1586, beautifully located in the middle of nature, it offers visitors and inhabitants a healthy and pleasant environment. The little village has grown up around a rectangular square called "Quadrado", on a plateau surrounded by mango and almond trees. The square houses the lovely church of Sao Joao, built in 1650, alongside rows of charming bars and handicraft shops.

Trancoso and Arraial d'Ajuda (1/2 day)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Visit to Trancoso, taking in the bars and typical local crafts. Then on to Arraial d?Ajuda, visiting the Rua da Praia and Broadway with its impressive lights. 

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