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Club Med Sahoro - Hokkaido

Sports and Leisure


The relaxation and sports-based activities offered in this Club Med Resort will open you up to the cultural riches of the host country.

Alpine Skiing

Included in your package
All the sensations of the ski slopes, at your own pace. 
Professional ski instructors, who are perfectly familiar with the ski domain, will guide you over the slopes best suited to your level of skill, to ensure you progress safely but surely in the best possible conditions. 

A test on the first morning will determine your level, and the right class for you:

  • Beginners: this is your first experience of Alpine skiing
  • Class 1: you can control your speed, and are at ease on blue runs
  • Class 2: you can negotiate red runs at a reasonable speed
  • Class 3: you are at ease on all runs
  • Expert: you are at ease on all types of terrain and snow

Ski pass included
NB: if you wish to ski on your day of arrival, you can purchase a one-day pass, on site.
Top quality equipment* and the Ski Service®*to ensure your satisfaction
Organisation of tuition:
From age 4, our group lessons last the whole day, for a period of 5 days.
Small groups of around 12 people.
To guarantee beginners' progress, they are expected to start lessons the day after arrival at the Resort.

And also…

Leisure and relaxation included in your package 

Indoor swimming pool , Festive and lounge evenings 

Leisure and activities (optional extras)

Snooker, Airboard (off site), Horse walks in the snow, Climbing in the trees, Kasumi Water Fall Trekking & Relaxation at Tomuraushi Hot Spring Tour, Kuttari Onsen, Wellness Centre 

Sports included in your package

Group lessons for all levels: Alpine Skiing, Snowboard Open Access: Weight room and Cardio training room Group lessons for beginners: Yoga, Stretching, Club Med Fitness

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