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Club Med Punta Cana

For the young ones


Our Resort welcomes children of all ages with supervision, by trained professionals, for each age group.

Privileged areas, specifically designed for them.
All equipment is adapted for their comfort and safety.
The opening times are adapted so that the parents can make the most of their day, evening or even go on an excursion with total peace of mind.
Inovative children's programs, strong of 40 years experience, respectful of the whims and rhythm of each child.
Passionate G.O®s
For your information this is closed on Saturdays.


Baby Club Med® (4 months to under 2 years old) Optional Extra*

Your babies will be taken care in total security by our dedicated and professional GO's.

Personalized welcome, after breakfast with your family, activities, meals, siesta, cuddles:the Baby Club Med® program conciles gentleness and security and respect of each childs biological rhythm. From 6.30pm, the Baby restaurant welcomes babys and their parents to enjoy dinner together.

Petit Club Med® (from 2 to under 4 years old) Optional Extra*

At this age children are no longer babies, but they still need close supervision.

This is the time for new discoveries: stimulating activities, walks and outside play, full balanced lunch (specially formulated for the needs of young children), nap or quiet time, creative activities and, of course, the afternoon snack, a real feast for hungry kids! The activities follow the children's progress, and vary according to the age range. From 7.30 p.m., after dinner with the parents, it's back to the Petit Club Med®. While the parents eat in peace, the children finish the day with a quiet evening get-together.

Mini Club Med® (from 4 to under 11 years old)

Creating and letting off steam. At these ages, children are hungry for everything... The Mini Club Med® has thought of everything to fulfil this constant need for new experiences. Sports, fun and creative activities. Children are divided into subgroups by age. Shower break an hour before dinner.

Club Med Passworld® (from 11 to under 18 years old)

The Club Med Passworld® proposes everything but imposes nothing; an approach that delights teenagers. It provides them with an exclusive area dedicated to meeting others and expressing oneself not far from the centre of the Resort.

The exclusive area in this Resort is The Lab at the Ramp. Here teenagers can discover creative, sport and artistic activities such as: dancing lessons, video editing, DJ lessons, theatre, etc., have fun or turn up for the pleasure of just hanging out. The teenagers are divided into two age-groups 11 to 13 years old and 14 to 17 years old. For your information the Ramp is open all year round.

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