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Club Med Gregolimano




The Resort


An island resort between mountain and sea, a stone's throw from Greece's most famous attractions.

Amidst the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the cape of Gregolimano on the island of Evia points its nose of white sand defiantly at the mountains across the water.

From the hotel to the bungalows in the pine wood, this Club Med Resort reveals its secrets through a succession of porches, flowering paths and charming patios in a joyous labyrinth of dazzling white. In this setting, the pleasures of waterskiing and tennis can be enjoyed at a high level.

Between two training sessions, parents and their children can get together around the swimming pool and poolside bar to tell each other about the exploits of the day

Parks & Gardensnull

The park consists of a natural pinewood of nearly 3,000 Mediterranean pines... not forgetting the olive trees. Adjustable lighting effects enhance this superb landscape.


This is a public beach of fine sand which stretches for 1 mile. One part is bordered by bungalows and the other runs alongside a pine forest where you can cool down at the beach bar. The sea is clear and the coast is peppered with a few rocks. Delimited bathing area. The beach is equipped with loungers and parasols.

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