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In Club Med, each stay is an opportunity to leave behind your every day life and open yourself to new experiences 

The Discovery Center offers a variety of excursions to discover the country.

The program of the excursions and the prices are given for information only. Excursions have to be paid on site in local currency.

African Legends (1 day)

Into the interior of Kassa country for a day devoted to architecture and Casamance crafts. In a peaceful village in the shade of high teak trees, you will be seduced by the charm of a village market: pottery, basketwork. After lunch, discover the crafts centre at an African mission together with the two-storey mud huts with sculpted colonnades. Back along the paths through the forest. 

Buggy outing (1/2 day)

Discover the pleasure of riding these immense stretches of beach in a 150 CC two seater buggy, driving license mandatory.

Carabane Island (1d)

Take a comfortable, shady, motorised pirogue for an unforgettable ride in the bolongs. A great way to see the flora and fauna. Land on Ourong Island and visit the village, with its fascinating traditions. You'll go on to Carabe Island, the former capital of Casamance, where you'll have a typical Senegalese lunch. In the afternoon you can visit the village or stroll and do as you please. On the way back, you'll stop over at Ehidj, famous for its fetichist tradition.

Day at Egueye Island (personalized)

Travel by 4x4, on roads and trails, in the bush and through villages. Explore the mangrove in a pirogue, where you can observe birds, varangs and monkies; land on Egueye Island, where you'll enjoy a lunch of grilled oysters, in the shade of a large straw hut alongside the bolong.

Diola Mass (1/2 day)

Sunday mass sung in Jola by the inhabitants of Djembering in a church shaded by the baobabs and kapok trees. 

Huluf Country market (personalized)

Oussouye market lies in the shade of the teak trees.
At Edioungou, the potters will give you a demonstration of their craft.

At Senghalene, in a cashew tree plantation, you'll see the processing of cashew nuts.

In the heart of the Bolongs (1/2 day)

Journey into the wildest and most secret parts of the bolongs (birds, varanus lizards). Visit the village of Vandaye, its school, houses and traditional wrestlers. Encounter with the animist priests of the village of Djissor, the island of sorcerers. For your information: Transport: bus and pirogue 

Lobster dinner (evening)

Spend an evening enjoying a gourmet meal of grilled lobster. Your choice of starter and dessert, cocktail ,coffee or herbal tea, mineral water and a half-bottle of wine. Enjoy your meal! 

Mountain bike ride - eco tourism excursion (1/2 day)

Oussoye special Accompanied by a guide, this trip through Jola villages is a chance to appreciate the beauty and richness of the region 

Quad outing (1/2 day)

Discover the Savannah in the Casamance region: ride a quad over beaches, dunes and through rice paddies... simply fabulous!

Selek villages (personalized)

Discover daily life in Casamance, visit villages such as Diakène Oulof and Diantène, with their straw huts, village square in the shade of a kapok tree, the Bombolong and its typical craftwork (basketwork using palm tree leaves).

Sports fishing ( 1/2 day or 1 day)

Full day fishing on the Casamance river.

Terre Diola (1 day)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center.
A day's journey into the bush and into the arms of the sea. Pirogue (dugout canoe) trip through the mangrove swamp and the islands: the mangroves are the kingdom of wading birds. Stop in a fishing port: pirogue making and fish market. Typical lunch on the edge of the bolong, watching a traditional wrestling dance. The villagers will invite you to visit their school. The adventure continues in a 4x4 through the bush, surrounded by rice fields and palm groves. Palm wine tasting in a camp of animist priests. Authentic. 

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