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Club Med Alpe d'Huez

Wellness Center


Soothed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a comfortable treatment room, you will feel in another world and won't ever want to leave. In these gentle havens, you can finally make time for yourself without cutting off completely from the rest of the world and the many other activities on offer in the Club Med resort.

Introduction to the benefits of treatments such as ethnic, traditional or more innovative massages**, and to the most state-of-the-art skincare treatment for the face and body. Renewed moments of harmony to help you make peace with your body and let your mind gently drift away.

For your information, our massages are non medical and non paramedical. They are well being treatments and non therapeutic. The word "massage" can also mean a body sculpt technique, done by our professional practitioners or our beauty therapists.


1 mens sauna
1 womens sauna
Finnish steam bath characterized by dry heat between 158°F and 194°F leads to the elimination of toxins and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Some precautions of use and counter-indications must be respected.

Wellness Packages 

Sensations Massage** Escapade - 3 days

Relaxation - Try a new massage** technique every day, to find the one that suits you best.

3 treatments 
3 Relaxing Body Massages** (60’)

Ski Recuperation Escapade - 5 days

Energy - An ideal program to help you recuperate after skiing.

2 treatments 
3 Relaxing Body Massages** (60’), scheduled every other day, for optimum effect

You can reserve our Spa packages at the time of reservation

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