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Sandpiper Bay Village Rating


Did you have to wait:
Was the reception friendly:
Did you like your drink:
Remarks: Robert did a great job with his first attempt at a "Deep Blue Ocean"!. its was great. this was awesome they were very helpful. did not recieve a drink, even after asking about it. GREAT PLACE FOR BOTH ADULTS AND CHILDREN. We were never offered a drink!. fastest check-in I've ever had at a village. Ashley is a sweetheart!!. Driver very helpful with helping us out of the van. check-in is always very easy!. HSM AND CDV WAS WAITING OUTSIDE FOR WELCOME ,GOOD. man who later turned out to be hotel svcs mgr chatting up GOs too much. New Village manager-OUTSTANDING JOB BEST YEAR OUT OF 5. No drink. Reception forgot to activate our phone & give charge cards.. fabulous!!!!. Quick, effiecient, friendly. There was no welcome drink. No Welcome drink.


Beauty of the environment:
Comfort Public areas:
Hygiene Public areas:
Comfort of your room:
Hygiene of your room:
Remarks: rooms made up a little late in the day (maybe just my room location). amazing. the rooms are nice and big. marina suites king beds hard as concrete. RESTORATION ON GOING, BUT DID NOT RUIN OUR EXPERIENCE. In the public areas such as the thearte I saw cockroaches. Rooms were clean, but mattresses and pillows AWFUL lumpy hard. no carpet what gives? All of south florida has carpet and humidity.. close are the best of all the club meds i have been to. big rooms. looked like a freeway rest area, afraid to touch anything w/o gloves. very large room which is a plus with 2 kids. This village is in deperate need of a face-lift. New paint would help!. Resort needs an overhaul but it's OK. Our Florida Suite was spotless.. we had the best housekeeper--maria c.. we had to ask for our rooms to be made daily, not enough staff on duty. Loved the village. Needs some updating, but still clean and nice. Beds and pillows could use improvement..


The variety and quality:
The design of the restaurant:
Quality of the staff:
Remarks: white chocolate bread at every lunch and dinner!. everything was perfect. The staff was polish and we couldn't understand them. TONY WAS A GREAT HOST- MADE EVERYONE FEEL SPECIAL. The waiter in the adult section was especially good. Nikos runs a first class operation. Aramis makes great pizza & pasta.. had to bus our own table just to eat. good food but it gets old. dont put variety/quality together variety great quality horrid GEs gr8. Food excellent-Dinning room very very hot. nikos and his GO collegues are very servie oriented. Everything was delicious and there was something for everyone.. yum, yum. Awesome. . Food was very very good. Not very much variety, GE were never available to ask for wine. Fabulous food, hard working staff and Chef. Diner style. Almost no table of 8. May be hard to get out of the seat.


Language skills:
Remarks: very limited language skills. I LOVED ALL THE G.O's!! mainly Jenna and D.C. the g.o's were some of the freindliest people i have ever met!. Absolutely loved Adam in landsports. Make CM what it is. AMAZED THAT GO'S CAN REMEMBER YOUR NAME ALWAYS. It was really touching how good d.c. was with the younger kids. male go are too horny to be functional . THEY ARE FRIENLY KIDNESS . men always chasing skirts talking skirts one guy with pink pumas?. everyone spoke other languages!. This was the best trip we have had thanks to the staff at the village!. subdued, changeover time, homesick staff do not make a good holiday!. The G.O.s make the vaction special, . GO team was fantastic. Male GO staff weak, at bar ignored male GM, incredibly bad. Limited interaction..


Variation of the activities
The availability of the GO:
Quality of the courses:
Quality of the equipment:
Remarks: needed more water sports (wind surfing would be nice). it was so fun . adults are unable to go tubing. GRANDAUGHTER AGE 16 LEARNED TO "FLY" IN THE SKY- EXCELLENT INST.. typically french (cheap quality) but if you drink enough who cares?. get over it-it's summer camp for adults at an Intercontinental price!. Tennis guy is a dinosaur and should not be customer interacting!. Need a gym and top notch trainers.


The variety and quality:
Remarks: a little expensive, though not unexpected. very good. was blown away that the prices were so reasonable. PRICE WAS HIGH, BUT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, THIS IS A RESORT. The swimsuits seemed very overpriced. another profit center, but staff was very congenial. usual high markup, no cm shirts, only stuff with Sandpiper all over it. love the daily sales. loved the TIE DYE activity organised but the boutique team. We couldn't beleive how reasonably priced everything was.. Boutique needs more items. Out of everything. No inventory system?. love the boutique and the staff.


Remarks: all bartenders happily learned the "Deep Blue Ocean"!. very friendly bar tenders. service slow . AMAZED THAT THIS CLUB CAN HANDLE KIDS AND ADULTS DRINK REQUESTS. The bar staff were absolutely brill and really helped me feel welcome. Barb was especially nice to my 2 & 5 year old boys. all free! smells like beer and vomit-some air freshening needed..... ok atmospehere. no nightlife, boring. locals have to pay $29 each to enter what a joke do they speak french?. I think that children should not be allowed in the bar late night.. Slow service. Some bartenders did nto know how to make basic drinks.. It was free, how much better could you get?. Kudos to whole bar GO team! . Male GO barstaff rude, badly trained.. Open bar, good selection..


Remarks: very family village, so not many people staying to use the disco. very fun. The music could perhaps be a little more updated. No one at the bar except GO's. . stinks of beer-local residents had to pay $29 even if she didn't drink. boring. closes early. no one there. SANDPIPER NO DISCO ONLY BAR AREA TOO SMALL. disco, do you mean the lesbian GOs dancing? or the jungle music late?. didn't use. I think that children should not be allowed in the bar late night.. Disco was rubbish, bands French Canadian, boring and dull??. Disco at the lounge. Limited gust, minimal GO participation..


Quality of the equipment
Remarks: needed French speakers; no kids with me, but friends loved it. awsome. the g.o's were very nice and helpful. NO MINI'S IN OUR PARTY. D.C. one of the g.o.s was brill. Excellent toys, equip. Hard to register child--had to track down a GO.. FANTASTIC!!. didn't use. most GOs were hungover Just look at whos in the bar late-Duh!. didn't use. the GO seemed a bit tired. Too many kids in Mini Club (9:1 ratio). Kids were thirsty, overlooked. did not participate.


Want to return:
Remarks: will return next summer, cheap and easy to get to for US residents. im going to come bac!i love club med!. Luggage brought to front but no help loading our car in downpour. ONLY NEGATIVE WAS CLUB MED TRAVEL AID- VERY DIFFICULT AND DISINTERESTE. I loved this holiday and will definetly go on another club med holiday. Kind of abrupt check out. . Jon Bernard too meddling at front desk w/competent staff-Scott S. no!. I LOVE CLUB MED. how to you make archery upscale? raise price, no room svc, go bankrupt. a five star village-Thanks to new Village manager-very nice man. very good resort for the family . We can't wait to go back!!!!. Little Club Med/European feel here. Mini club gone downhill..

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