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Kemer Village Rating


Did you have to wait:
Was the reception friendly:
Did you like your drink:
Remarks: arrival was easy. Great reception and very prompt allocation of rooms.. no drink . CAROLINE EST TRES PROFESSIONNELLE AU PLANNING. the bus driver could not find the club/ it took us 4 hours to get ther. everything is OK. we're a party of two and didn't get the big welcome or goodbye. NO DRINKS AT ALL. CD Reception Ayca & Fabrizio were both very friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Yael and Fabrizzio. FRED, who was a GO at the reception was very rude. Very warm welcome by all G.O.. AWESOME. Super Adult village! Real good food, drinks and atmosphere. . My GO wasn't sure wheremy room was?. I didn't arrive in a group and thus was not given the typical welcome..


Beauty of the environment:
Comfort Public areas:
Hygiene Public areas:
Comfort of your room:
Hygiene of your room:
Remarks: the village is comfortable and clean enough to have a great holiday. Basic rooms but very clean.. I had bed issues, it made my body in pain all the week.. not enough pool chairs at any given time...... TRES CHAUD LE SOIR...... Gorgeous village, great maintenance, absolute thumbs up!. The perfect room was arranged by Ayca!!!. The pool toilet is possibly the dirtiest toilet I've ever seen. I wanted a room with sea view and stayed at the room with best view. One day bathrooms should be improved. The housekeeping staff was very friendly and clean. Amazing surroundings and very lovely village. AMAZING. Detergents were not replanished daily.. Please inform about the dress code before arrival!. some of the public toilets were not very clean . Very Nice room at the Coline, good for Fitness more than 50 stairs!!. Cockroaches in my room most days.Otherwise fairly clean . Low water pressure when using hot water. Lysol would help in WC.


The variety and quality:
The design of the restaurant:
Quality of the staff:
Remarks: the food is great, the staff is friendly. Excellent food and service. outdoor seating and beach restaurant great . MIAM MIAM LES TARTES AU CITRON. more sea food would be nice. Gaelle is a very good hostess. Fantastic food - bravo Manu ;-). It is great to see the same faces every season, it's like family. Good food, friendly chefs. Hats off to chefs!!!. The food this year is the best since 6 years. Always PERFECT!!! The food and the staff.... All restaurant staff very nice and always smiling. Un grand chapeau pour les cuisiniers qui nous ont fait des merveilles!. AMAZING. very good is an understatement, it was wonderful. tres bon, tres bien présentés. could have been more tasty!. food always too salty.had to share breakfast w/ bees in 2nd restaurant. Fantastic. Marvellous Food better than lot of 4 tridents! Nice restaurant set up!. Top Notch food and service. Nothing better in Kemer!!!.


Language skills:
Remarks: they are excellent. Great fun and enthusiastic. Kenneth from the ski is a very good GO- friendly and calm.. JULLIEN DU TENNIS EST EXCELLENT. much more english speaking GOs are needed. . Consistently excelent team every time i visit. Amazing. french people and english is usually a bad combination :-(. Very friendly and proffessional team. Poor choreographer, shows not impressive thogh talanted GOs. A great team.... Arnaud - the best; Bar Staff relax and be nicer.... I LOVE THEM! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!. worth their weigh in gold. just perfect and all very nice and friendly. Nickel, et surtout l'equipe ski nautique. perfect!!! ;-). speak little english. Gaetano is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great Chef de Village and Sport Responsable. Great team! Thank you all for a wonderful week! You are amazing!. Top Notch service. They work their butts off with a smile!.


Variation of the activities
The availability of the GO:
Quality of the courses:
Quality of the equipment:
Remarks: TENNIS AU TOP. Great variety, a bit too crowded at times but lots of fun!. Best placefor waterski. Wonderful water-ski team: Sarp, Vanessa, JS, Pascal, William, Jo. I´ll try more next time - too many things to do, too little time!. Les spectacles et les chorégraphies étaient très moyens.. I LOVE IT!!. Ping pong equipment is not that well maintained. Equipe GO ski nautique super !. bi-ski,wakebd long wait (2 hrs/round). 2 many student shared a teacher. Sports team - best team!. Tennis racquets sucked - need new grips. Courts are cement!.


The variety and quality:
Remarks: Appeared expensive. So expensive, if it was cheaper i would buy.. $$$. DOMMAGE PAS DE TEE SHIRT KEMER 45 AVEC LES PAILLETTES. My best : Amelie. didnt buy anything but found it pleasing to the eye. VERY EXPENSIVE. There can more discounts. I didn't buy anything. The prices are a little high.... Too expensive. AWESOME. I didn't use this service. expensive. Not that much choice any more ..... expensive. DO NOT SHOP HERE. OVER 5 times TOO EXPENSIVE!!!.


Remarks: We were at Freestyle so it was all free. wait ages for drinks not enough staff at night club . JULLIEN DU BAR EST EXCELLENT. drinks were all inclusive. I was in freestyle !!. excellent bar team and service - bravo Tunjay ;-). Hats off to the bar team, Tuncay, Slavo & their staff. Freestyle. FREE BAR SO NO PRICING BUT CHAOTIC - NOT ENOUGH BAR GOS. Great team and Tuncay is a successful chief. Special thanks to Idan. The bar team this year, ROCKS!!!. I was in all inclusive - service too impersonal at night . SWEET!. dont know whats available, no menu, staff always very busy. The wait could be quite long some times but very friendly barmen. Top Notch service. Rarely any wait to get a drink..


Remarks: The music was not good.. UN PEU TROP LOIN DU CENTRE . drinks were included. fantastic improvement this year - great DJs. Ken G & Dany are really GOOD!!!. AGAIN FRRE BAR - SERVICE VERY SLOW. Ken-J rocks this year!!!. Great DJ- Ken-J! Wonderful music. Hats off to the DJ Ken-J.... Bar staff too impersonal again, pricing all inclusive. . THE BEST PARTIES!!! THE BEST NIGHTS!!!. you should change sometimes the music for everynight. did not went to disco, too far from room..


Quality of the equipment
Remarks: this is an adult village. No mini club in Kemer. No mini club. PAS DE MINI CLUB. NO MINI CLUB - NOT ENOUGH CLUB LIKE KEMER ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!. there was no mini club. n/a. No kids thank god :-). ADULT ONLY VILLAGE. n/a. Adult village. no mini club, no children (thank god!). CLUB ADULTES. not available in this resort. No Mini Club at Kemer which we liked a lot!. no mini-club. N/A Adult village. ??????. N/A. No kids and should stay that way!. no mini club. no idea.


Want to return:
Remarks: amazing village. Definitely will return next year. I will return but i guess in diferent dates.. It was just 1 great party with very friendly GO's & a very good CdV!. a party village worth a return visit. JE SOUHAITE RETOURNER POUR LA CLOTURE...BRAVO GILLES LACRAMPE. The club was suppose to close on 16/10 but it closed the night before. Les yeux dans l'eau.... nice touch with last drinks in the forest... CLUBMED FOREVER. went to Kemer 2 times already & will definately be back soon!!!. We've booked the next one already. Eyal is one of the best CDV ever!!!. Great season, chief is a good manager, very friendly GOs.. I'll come back next year!. It was awful because of Fred.... Will definitely return. Je reviens en Septembre!!. I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!. Yes tomorrow if I could ... thanks a lot for everything it was amazing. I want back to KEMER! . hope it will stay the same but worried they upgrade it to a 4 trident . I will return but in May or September otherwise too hot and crowded. Met & exceeded most of myexpectations I will be returning Very soon!. I'm defintly going back!!. I wanna go back!! The best C.M!. Currency exchange rates at CM were a rip off. Use Lira or CreditCard!.

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