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Kamarina Village Rating


Did you have to wait:
Was the reception friendly:
Did you like your drink:
Remarks: not a big chice for food.. no diet coke , taken to room by go who could not speek english. there were no enough drinks 4 every1. should get better juice. we arrive late with few other guests. Great and friendy team. Michele the Village Manager was great. .


Beauty of the environment:
Comfort Public areas:
Hygiene Public areas:
Comfort of your room:
Hygiene of your room:
Remarks: some "street noise" in the "villagio" rooms . very noisy traffic day and night. most of the channels on the tv were in french. became friends with cleaning lady, even got hugs & kisses when I left. very good cleaning. I should say i would have like my room to be cleaned more often. Had a C5 room that was in the village, very spacious. Highly recommend. broken loo, dirty grout.


The variety and quality:
The design of the restaurant:
Quality of the staff:
Remarks: lunch in "il cavallo marino": beautiful see view! dinner in the hotel.. the main restaurant is to big and hard to find your self in it .. some food cold, not available. same selection of food in every restaurant every day. to few italian specialities, always the same pasta. great pizza @ the snack bar... still dream about the wonderful pasta's. good food. small variety.. the carvillo Marina, Volcano and Hotel were all excellent. Dunes isn't the most beautifull restaurant to have dinner. similar food in all restaurants, little variation!.


Language skills:
Remarks: not alot of people could speek english right and only one israely g.o.. go english not good. there is many irish and english there and they have no good english. as usual not many dutchspeaking GO but english gets better & better. I've lost contact with a GO and I would like to get his e-mail (davide. Some of the bar staff had limted English but to be fair my French basi. Show performances with Pepe excellent. Not a lot of English speaking G.O.'s in the village. italian g.o. (roller) were very friendly. Main Go's disinterested, chef de village almost absent.


Variation of the activities
The availability of the GO:
Quality of the courses:
Quality of the equipment:
Remarks: my main sport is sailing; no opinion on the courses.. should be open for more hours .. cannot comment as i took no part in sport. i played alot of archery aand thought it was good quality. level of fitness (step) is to basic. great tennis team! first team to actually convince me to play! . i haven't had a chance to try much but i noticed was well maneged. gym was well equipped and very clean. reg classes. Erwan is a good instructor.. Tatou et Davide: Tres gentil !!!. no sailing for children under 8, ? invest in some lazer 'bug' boats.


The variety and quality:
Remarks: i'think someone working there was in the wrong place.... too expensive . my stay ended with a huge shopping spree. overpriced. was september they could have had some discount. better last year, childrens stuff over priced and dull.


Remarks: expensive. the card system was very handy. 2 euro for a glas of coke. love the bar! love the total-all-inclusive even better!. all drinks included in the initiation price.. i haven't used it. Great some very nice bar men. made for an entertaining evening.. Go's served first not enough seating, show time announcement too long.


Remarks: brizer for 5.7 euro is too expensive .. did not use. amazing! great fun! absolutely stunning setting!. i haven't tried it. bit slow starting but not club meds fault, just age it attracts. didn't visit.


Quality of the equipment
Remarks: don't know. i just know childrend have spaces only for them (also sport). A GREAT TEAM at the MINI CLUB. no children. the club is good for all kids. no idea since I travelled alone and am over 18.... i love they way they run the mini club - Superb!!!. great staff - jo-jo and ludwig were great. Alexis Mathieu was very nice and friendly. I name it as top GO. Some funny G.O.'s and a couple of sweet G.O. girls in the Miniclub. the children thought it was mainly boring and hated the food.


Want to return:
Remarks: very big village, so you've the possibility to walk a lot!. outside high-season Kamarina is beautiful. it was a bit cold but o.k. . the one thing thing i liked most was the hot weather no rain at all. tears everytime I leave...really need to get over it.... I miss it so much!. The village is beautiful and charming but way to big for me with kids. loved the village, will return,. Death ride and vomiting- dumped and driver instantly left!.

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