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Cancun Yucatán Village Rating


Did you have to wait:
Was the reception friendly:
Did you like your drink:
Remarks: You really feel welcomed with all the g.o's greeting you.... We didn't get a drink at check in. I arrived with 6 people. Check in was quiet and efficient.. I was told I had to pull my own luggage to my room, no assist. at all.. never got the welcome drink and transfer was missing for taxi. Eler hooked me up with a great room. had to port my own luggage to my room. these guys were the best go's i have ever met.....i miss them dearly. Did not have correct room available.. I was land-only and arrived late, no real reception.. my drink needed alcohol :-). The reception could have been more welcoming.. my hands were full and they wouldn't come back to give me the drink. Went well. thumbs up to Pierre (check-in) and to Angel who showed us around. no drink. Sent to room and someone was already in it. very poor!. Did not receive any drink when we arrived. very friendly. Don't think we got a drink........ We were greeted like royalty. We were met promptly and were greeted graciously!. We were only 5 arriving together, so no welcoming committee..!. We were the only two - and the GO's were waiting. The reception staff should be more multi lingual. Loved the scented towels!. Loved the cool towel!. Greeted wtea, water & cool towels - nice touch! Staff was also great!.


Beauty of the environment:
Comfort Public areas:
Hygiene Public areas:
Comfort of your room:
Hygiene of your room:
Remarks: It's a big village but I like that because it's not too crowded.. fantastic. Room smelled kind of mildewy but.......who stays i the room :). I wish there were a bigger beach. Room was on lagoon side and smelled of mold. Ants in my bed/on floor.. poor room mate not matched very well. room smelled very bad and had ants in it. Even in my bed.. some areas were getting much needed new paint. bed was rock hard and room musty/damp made me sick. I almost went back to my room one night to use the restroom.. beach was horrible/pool couldn't get an umbrella seat only 12. Some bugs in the clothes closets. Got over it after a few drinks.. Walls needed to be scrubbed in the bathroom/toilet area.. Loved the removated rooms!. gorgeous. Alot of cosmetic changes with no improvement in comfort or convenience. Restroom by beach bar always had wet floors, rooms are beautiful . We had a problem with the lock on our door. It would be nice to have a tour as it is a rather large facility. . As usual no water pressure in shower.... Air conditioner broke down and the room became very humid. Beautiful. Std rooms nicely appointed but just way too small. . We were upgraded to a room in the Jade Building and loved it!. Easy to figure out where everything is.. A/C had a hard time keeping room cool and not humid. . I know it is very humid there, but the room often had a mildew smell.. Sheets never changed so damp feeling was horrible by last day.


The variety and quality:
The design of the restaurant:
Quality of the staff:
Remarks: There was a lot of variety and the food was okay.. food is very good. mashed potatoes and frijoles were my favorites!!. very blah. did i say the go's were cool. best food ever at Cancun; would like salsa at breakfast though. mexican night is my favorite! excellent food!. We should've been seated w/ others by the staff.. I got sick-don't know if it was the water or not use to the food. Some improvement needed in the quality of the food. Food not kept hot. Food was better in Sandpiper. Wonderful Staff!!. no one spoke english.. The variety of the food is not as we are used to at Club Med.. Delicious!. delicious. The food selection is sparse, and the social fun is gone. . Food not as good as other clubs. great food, ncie variety, excellent breads and fantastic desserts. No more themes for dinner, seems like it's the same food everyday. AMAZING staff - incredible bread and pastries, average food. I loved the themed dinners and nights! Very creative!. Not as good as it used to be but still excellent.. Excellent friendly staff. Good selection. Great quality. great selection for vegetarians. Lovely restaurants and service top-notch.. Even our picky 8yr old could find plenty to eat. Good variety! . Selection was lacking. Something for everyone! I loved all the seafood options.. Best all-inclusive buffet in Mexico that we have tried.. Excellent. Food was very good!.


Language skills:
Remarks: They were all so friendly and entertaining.. The G.O.s were the highlight of my trip! I had such fun with them all. i am looking for nathalie from upstairs accounting, can anyone help. They were asking people to buy them drinks and for tips. excellent GO team. made a lot of GO friends and still miss them all. There were a couple bad apples but most were friendly and competent.. Due to JDate Group GO's were not themselves. GOs need to get to know the CM before making them feel very welcomed.. 98% of the GO's were great.. Incredible GO team. . GO's were too busy with kids club. No crazy signs!. We did not see that many G.O.s., accept a few we met each day.. The best G.O.s ever!. All the GO's were very friendly and outgoing, especially circus team. so awesome. Need more teen G.O.s to get them invovled. Loved all the ones we met. they were nice and super friendly. Jenny (at reception) is simply amazing. Jeremy (mini club) incredible. I loved all the G.O.s but wished more danced at the parties!. Being bi-lingual does have its advantages.... Everyone very helpful, energetic & wants to help. All the GO's were fantastic. No leadership of the chef de village. GO's not as friendly at Cancun. We felt a little distance.. Many multilingual - English, Spanish, Portuguese. Outstanding, as usual. . The GOs rock ! Amazing staff. Thanks !.


Variation of the activities
The availability of the GO:
Quality of the courses:
Quality of the equipment:
Remarks: There are so many things you can do, you can't get bored.. many GOs not very personable. I didn't do much sports so I don't know.. leeches and crocodiles for waterskiing? yuck!. Yoga was terrible, wind surfing equipment was poor, trapeeze was great. Some of the lifejackets were old and tattered.. Good waterski/wake + circus. Loved the trapeze. Billy and Christie are awesome !!!!!. Pepe in water ski was great! . In practice the activities did not follow the schedule.. There is a lack of windsurf equipment. It used to be better.. Very attentive. Snorkeling was the best! haha Thanks Jes!. Tried everything - all top notch. The GO's were wonderful, especially the ones for the kids.. Windsurf more longer boards, too many wide board, rigs in poor shape. Fitness room needs air conditioning !.


The variety and quality:
Remarks: Many nice things but a lot was a little on the expensive side.. some things were rediculously expensive for the quality!or lack of.... coco rocks. fresh water should be free to guests not so expensive. Always very helpful-need more sunblock not sun tanning lotion. Outrageous gouging on prices. 50% off meant regular price in the US!!. a little expensive though nice stuff. We were not told they do not accept cash!. Each day good offers at the boutique.. The designs were not so nice as they used to be. . Would like to see more clothing. The boutique is quite expensive. It was okay the one time I went in there!. Thank you Fernando..!!!. Expensive, however, they had what I needed for my sunburn. Had the essentials.. Some GO's were fine, others had bad attitudes. Pricey stuff!.


Remarks: I didn't really spend much time at the bar.. drinks were free!!!! can't get better than that.. drinks are included of course.... nicole is best bartender. With all inclusive, price was not an issue, but few premium brands.. all-inclusive was worse than buying the old bracelets. cheap brands.. mixed drinks were too expensive but beers are good. free now!!. Mylene is great!! The atmosphere could have been better.. drinks didn't always taste so good. No issues with service. It helps to be cute!. All-inclusive, friendly bartenders: Lindsay, Angel, Christian. Ami from Chicago is an awesome bartender and G.O.. nothing like it used to be. Very quiet!. aaaaaamazing. Didn't pay for anything so pricing was great!. All inclusive except Champagne and Wine. Free drinks! Woo Hoo!. Thanks again Yves..!. Can't beat "free" -. Can someone please tell bartenders how to make martinis??. Free, and they would make anything for us that we wanted.. Pricing? Huh?.


Remarks: nice disco, though the music was always the same. In Cancun, the nightclub moves between a couple places.. all club meds should have open air discos! love the foam party!!. Colorful paint can go a long way!!. DJ wasn't very good-music was horrible. Could of had more modern/up to date music.. All-inclusive, a little repetitive.... There was no disco!! Very bad!. No disco.. so much fun. there was no disco. Disco?. Have a separate dance for the GO's and older teens one night. None to speak of.. Free. Could be a little bigger. Lots of GO's..


Quality of the equipment
Remarks: no mini-club in Cancun. none. No mini CM in Cancun. There was no mini-club. not applicable: there was no mini-club. NO MINI CLUB. Is the mini-club La Plapa? It was such a long walk!!!. No miniclub in Cancun (This is good!). No mini-club. Need to move Bob out of the mini club. need an animator to liven up gm. didnt do the mini club. Didn't use. I don't have kids, don't know. Jeremy is amazing with kids. . I wouldn't know. The kids club team is absolutely terrific..!. Excellent Team under the leadership of Jeremy.Main reason to comeAgain. Mini club had limited activities for kids. GO's not the best.. Our kids never wanted to leave and couldn't wait to get back every day. Very small. N/A.


Want to return:
Remarks: I can't wait to go back to Club Med Cancun or to another Club Med!. Can't wait to go back!!!. Not one GM or GE said goodbye to me...disappointing.. i cannot wait to return!. Not one GO said goodbye to me. That was disappointing.. can't wait to go back. counting down the days. can't wait to go back. counting down the days. Was supposed to stay for 7days, but I stayed longer, liked it too much. Best 20 days of my life, I returned 3 weeks later for another 10 days. It would have been nice having some GOs say goodbye at reception.. Billing issue took forever did get great help with change of flight. Leaving procedures could have been more clearly explained.. Great club! We will return soon!. Chief of the village very rude and stated the fun is finished!. We never go back to this Club at Cancun.. Depressing!. I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE!. Cancun Club Med is not fun or social anymore. Lots of fat people now.. Plan to return next spring break!. I didn't wanna live. Raphi gave us a royal departure. Thanks Rafi, we will never forget it. I didn't want to leave! . Can't wait to go back again.... A great vacation for all of us (age range 49, 45, 17, 15 and 6). . Did not want to leave. Our bus driver drove us to the wrong terminal and almost left us there. Eh. I think I would have liked Cancun more if the weather was better.. Didn't want to leave. Met lots of people. Weather was perfect.. We left on a Tues. Only 1 GO said good-bye. : (. 3 days of clouds & rain but would still go back. .

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