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Club Med Les Boucaniers

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The Resort

A creole spirit and sublime coastline in a diver's paradise of Baie du Marin, in Martinique.

Experience a beach vacation with your friends or family at Buccaneer's Creek, all-inclusive resort located in the south-eastern corner of Martinique (French West Indies). This Caribbean resort has retained an authentic Creole spirit. Enjoy the taste of everything: water sports, Club Med Spa*, and the most beautiful beach on the island.

NEW! Direct flights now available to the French West Indies - Travel from Miami, New York, and other major cities

The Club Med all-inclusive resort of Bucaneer's Creek is located in the southern tip of Martinique in the French West Indies.  Club Med has been located here since 1969, and breathes a creole spirit. This all-inclusive resort is perfect for couples and family vacations. It is the best destination for Caribbean beach vacations.

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