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Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Sports, Sports, Sports


In this Club Med resort the accent is on sports. Novices and experts alike can try out exciting new sports and sensations. Under the supervision of qualified instructors, enjoy the highest standards of equipment.

Flying Trapeze and Circus School

Who has never dreamt of walking the tight rope, jump on the trampoline, fly through the air or juggle like a clown? The flying trapeze and circus school offers to the passionate flyers the best infrastructure and equipment to practice their hobby.

Whether a first time flyer or an expert, each GM will enjoy the optimum conditions to practice the sport.

  • Group lessons, 6 days a week to progress in a specific movement, or specific circus activity such as juggling.
  • Quality and professional supervision and teaching with our specialized GO's
  • Quality equipment adapted to the age and skill level of each participant..

Fitness Academy

Our Fitness Academy offer to the fitness passionates the best equipment and infrastructures. Beginners and advanced students will enjoy the optimum conditions to practice their sport.

Group lessons 6 days a week to enable everybody to progress during their vacation. Quality training with specialized instructors to initiate beginners and improve the advanced levels.

Our professional staff, which includes Idrissa Diallo, Fitness Specialist for Club Med Academies Tennis and Golf is proud to offer a variety of training options for all fitness levels and objectives, from basic cardio and weightlifting programs to professional-caliber athlete training. We also offer body-fat analysis, nutrition counseling, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle coaching. Best of all, your progress doesn’t need end with your departure from Club Med Sandpiper Bay, as we offer extensive remote training to make sure you stay motivated and on track with your personal fitness program.

Check out our various Boost Packages available on site for specialist training incorporating, nutrition, Spa and Fitness.

Club Med Golf Academy

Don Law, along with Marie Claire De Bortoli, spark the maximum growth potential in the high-performance golfer. They are committed to helping each unique athlete through every stage of junior, amateur and professional development.

They are working together to pioneer a new training model with the ultimate goal of developing premiere talent. The Club Med Golf Academy coaching team is a compilation of accomplished teachers, all experienced as competitors, dedicated to providing our students a comprehensive (Mind, Body, Technique) player improvement platform.


  • Junior Golf Academy for aspiring, dedicated, goal-oriented players wanting to fire up their game. Full-time, semester and weekly programs are available.
  • Adult Programs for players wanting to push themselves and their game up that extra notch.
  • Three-day and five-day programs are available.

Club Med Tennis Academy

Our Club Med Tennis Academy is committed to providing the best professional programs designed for individuals seeking to reach the pinnacle of their own tennis development thanks to the training of our top trainors Gabe Jaramillo and Scott Del Mastro amongst others. 

Le Petit Tennis From 4 to 7 years old
Innovative educational method answering the child’s needs and enabling them to enhance their motor skills, sociability and intellect while enjoying themselves at the same time.
Class available 4 days a week (30 minute class)

Junior Tennis Initiation From 8 to 13 years old
This class is designed to teach basic and proper stroke techniques in an exciting & fun environment. Smaller courts and high density tennis balls may be used.
Class available 5 days a week (45 minutes)

All Inclusive Adults Program (14 years of age & up) All Adult Classes available 6 days a week (45 minutes each class)

Initiation: Learn the basic skills of tennis. This program allows you to learn the basic skills of tennis and emphasizes sound fundamentals from proper footwork and movement to grips and stroke production.

Instructional Clinics for advanced and intermediate players: Instructional clinics focus on swing mechanics and tennis strategy through numerous drills and match play.

More Sports included in your package

Group lessons for all levels: Yoga , Flying Trapeze and Circus School , Fitness Academy , Club Med Golf Academy , Club Med Tennis Academy , Cardio-tennis , Cardio splash , Power walk

Group lessons for beginners: Sailing school , AquaZumba® , Pilates , Paddle Board , Zumba® 

Open Access: Basketball , Soccer , Volleyball , Water polo , Club Med Gym® Cardio training and Weight room

Leisure and Relaxation included in your package

Bocce Ball, Table tennis, Main swimming pool, Quiet Pool and Hot tub, Kids pool and aqua park, Swimming pool for training, Lounge and festive evenings.

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