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A Resort where refinement is everywhere. Relaxation and sport offered in a laid-back ambience.

Scuba diving

Optional Extra*
Eurodivers scuba-diving centre

Within or beyond the lagoons, a huge variety of corals and sea-fans, where sharks, grouper fish, manta rays and stingrays, lion-fish, and moray eels create a vast natural aquarium to visit. 
All dives are drift dives, along the coral reefs (thilas) or through passes.

Location: Indian ocean, in the north Malé atoll
Type of dive: drift
Number of spots: 20 (average transfer time on site: 40 min)
Depth: from 6 to 25 m

Some examples of diving spots:

  • Banana reef (9-30 m)famous for its shoals of reef fish, soft coral and Napoleon fish. 
  • Furana Thila (from 12 to 30 m), a wide variety of fauna such as white-tipped or nurse sharks. 
  • HP Reef (from 12 to 30 m), a thila with shoals of reef fish, eagle rays and turtles. 
  • Nassimo Thila (from 15 to 30 m), a show dive where the actors are stingrays, barracudas, and turtles 
  • Okobe Thila (from 16 to 30 m), to meet young fishes, white-tipped sharks, barracudas . 


Included in your package
With boat trips. 

Transparent Bottom Kayaks

Included in your package
These new kayaks are completely transparent, and give you the sensation of being close to the sand and the underwater world...
Without getting wet, in your transparent bottom kayak, stable and safe, discover the fauna and flora as you have never seen it before.

Leisure and Relaxation included in your package

Bocce Ball , Table tennis , Swimming pool , Lounge and festive evenings 

Leisure and Relaxation as an optional extra*

Cooking lessons, Wellness Centre 

Sports included in your package

Advanced: Club Med Gym Cardio training room 
Group lessons for all levels: Snorkeling 
Group lessons for beginners: Yoga, Aquafitness, Sailing school 
Open Access: Badmington, Basketball, Beach soccer, Beach volleyball, Soccer, Volleyball, Water polo, Kayak  Transparent Bottom Kayaks 

Optional Sports*

On site : Deep Sea Fishing
All levels : Scuba diving

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