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In this Club Med resort, novices and experts can try out exciting new sports and sensations. Under the supervision of qualified instructors, enjoy the highest standards of equipment.
Portes du Soleil domain

Altitude between 8130 and 5000 feet .209 ski-lifts; 444 snow canons; snowpark
403 miles of ski runs: 27 black ; 110 red ; 109 blue ; 41 green
Departure from the Resort on skis.

Alpine Skiing

Included in your package
All the sensations of the ski slopes, at your own pace. 

Professional ski instructors, who are perfectly familiar with the ski domain, will guide you over the slopes best suited to your level of skill, to ensure you progress safely but surely in the best possible conditions, in small groups of 12 people maximum. 

A test on the first morning will determine your level, and the right class for you:

  • Beginners: this is your first experience of Alpine skiing
  • Class 1: you can control your speed, and are at ease on blue slopes
  • Class 2: you can negotiate red slopes at a reasonable speed
  • Class 3: you are at ease on all slopes
  • Expert: you are at ease on all types of terrain and snow 

Top quality equipment* and the Ski Service®*to ensure your satisfaction

Organisation of tuition for a "standard" week:
From age 4, our group lessons last the whole day, for a period of 5 days and begin the day after main arrival day
Ski lift pass included, valid for 6 days from the day after main arrival day
If you wish to ski on your day of arrival, you can purchase a one-day pass, on site.
To guarantee beginners' progress, they are expected to start lessons the day after arrival at the Resort.


Included in your package
All skiing sensations, following every persons rhythms...

Instructors,professional ski instructors, with a perfect knowledge of the skiing domain will guide you on the slopes adapted to your level in order for you to progress in the optimum security conditions in small groups of around 12 people.

A test on the first morning will identify the correct level of each snowboarder in order to put you in the right group:
  • Beginners class: you have never snowboarded before
  • Class 1: you can manage your speed and trajectory on a blue slope
  • Class 2: you snowboard at an average speed on the red slopes
  • Class 3: you snowboard easily on all slopes
  • Expert: you snowboard easily on all slopes and all kinds of snow

High quality equipment and the Ski Service®* are available

Organization of the classes of a "classic week":
Our group lessons are available all day, during 5 days and start the day following the main arrival day
Ski pass included for 6 days starting the day following the main arrival day
If you want to ski upon arrival you can purchase a day pass on site.
In order to guarantee the progress of beginner boarders, they must take the first lesson the day following the main arrival day.

Group lessons proposed from age 8 during school holidays:
from 23 December 2013 to 4 January 2014
from 17 February to 15 March 2014
from 7 to 19 April 2014
and from 12 years old outside school holidays

Special Teens Skiing

Included in your package
As of age 11,a special teen ski program is available to skiiers of level three to swith between several techniques during the week.

With the professional skiing instructors, specialy trained to deal with youngsters, they build together a program for the week. They can, in all security, switch between skis and snowboards learning new techniques as they go along, they will have the use of high end equipment, available for rental at the Ski Service. On the program:

  • Free style: jumps, bumps, snowpark... 
  • Discover the mountain in a different way: ski on the edge of the slopes, in the forest...
  • Slalom
  • Ski cross
  • Giant

For your information, the program of the week is established by the group, the snow conditions and also the weather. 
The program is available at the following dates:
December 23rd 2013 to January 4th 2014
February 17th to March 15th 2014
April 7th to 19th 2014

Leisure and Activity:

Festive and lounge evenings

Sports included

Advanced: Special Teens Skiing 
Group lessons for all levels: Alpine Skiing , Snowboard

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