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Club Med La Plantation d'Albion



The Resort


The natural surroundings of the west coast of Mauritius Island are home to Albion, a Club Med Resort devoted to Epicurean delights amid the sophisticated design. An increadible luxurious resort in a idyllic, tropical setting. An amazing Cinq Mondes Spa* and a breathtaking infinity pool bring that ideal zen touch This Resort caters to every whim of its guests with its service, pools and Fine Dining label of it's restaurants.

Non Smoking Resort

The resort is non smoking (apart from the rooms)

Parks & Gardens

nullThe luxurious and diverse vegetation consists of cactus, tamarins and also banyan trees. Numerous water features and the Ruins of Fort Argenson improve even more the scenery.


In a natural treed location, two beaches protected by the Coral Reef

The first, public and at a distance from the center of the resort, is long and has white coral sand.Protected swimming area. This beach is equipped with loungers and umbrellas

The second is more natural and is also equipped with loungers and umbrellas.

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