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Deluxe Room - 5 Trident Space

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Has anyone stayed in the deluxe room in the 5 Trident space? I'd like your opinion on the room and I'm curious, what was the view like? I've hardly seen pictures of this accommodation, only the suites. Thanks!
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Seattle Craig
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For more info you can go here:

Includes many pictures of the suites, plus a write up.

Suites are only on the water side - they are double wide rooms. The other side are smaller rooms facing the lagoon, very much like regular resort rooms. The balconies on the lagoon side are smaller, too.

The benefits to the 5-T (Jade) rooms are:

- Jade access is limited to only Jade guests
- Private infinity pool overlooking the ocean
- Free wi-fi (and free computer in the suites)
- in-room espresso machine
- room service
- Jade exclusive room service kitchen, runs 24/7
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Is there a password for the wifi, or if I'm close enough to the Jade area, would I (theoretically) be able to hop on for a few minutes? Last year I got free wifi to work near the lobby, not sure how/why...
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Chicago Jim
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I stayed at Jade before it became all upscale. The amentities (depnding on how many kids are at the pool) sound nice but it is far from the center of the village especially if you are planning on using the kids club. In terms of getting around, Cancun is like a triangle and Jade is at one of the bases and the center of the village is the other base. If you want to get to the center of the village, by walking towards reception you are actually taking the long way because you are going to the top of the triangle then down the other side. There is a passage way through the buildings where you come out near the boutique. Saves many minutes.
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