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Sunday's Triathlon

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A triathlon race to be held Sunday morning, Nov. 6, at Club Med in the city’s Sandpiper Bay neighborhood may cause minor delays in traffic flow, however Port St. Lucie police officers will enhance safety by assisting drivers and pedestrians in the area of the race route.

The race will be the sixth of its kind held Club Med, and will be the last for 2011. A traffic management plan by the city’s police and engineering departments worked well in other races, so it will be followed again Sunday.

Also, at the request of local residents, officers will monitor the participants’ parking lot at S.E. Morningside Boulevard and River Vista Drive to keep early morning noise to a minimum.

Message boards will be placed at each end of Westmoreland advising residents of the event, and reverse 9-1-1 calls will go out on Friday and Saturday to inform residents of the potential traffic delays.

Officers will be deployed at key points along the race route to monitor traffic and ensure safety. Drivers are asked to expect minor delays and to use caution when passing through.

For more information, contact:
Lieutenant Carmine Izzo
Port St. Lucie Police Department
(772) 871-5000
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