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mad props to the kitchen GOs

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I just want to say that the kitchen staff at sandpiper held the fort tonight.
I'm starting as a first time GO asap in turkoise. My family happens to live in Port St Lucie where Sandpiper is located and when I came to visit them before I left they surprised me with a farewell dinner at the Sandpiper village.
I mentioned to Chantal who was on one of the buffet stations tonight that I was about to leave as a first time GO and shortly after meal service she swept me up, introduced me to much of the kitchen staff that was there tonight and as a whole they took me under their collective wings and coached me through the first couple of weeks of work. Well done.
A massive thanks to them.
Also, the renovations at the resort are gorgeous. What an awesome effin night.

See you all again if I should be so lucky.

ps - I drank alot of beer.
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