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It's showtime again. Now we go back to another closed one-Eleutera. This was an interesting club with a lot of good memories. First of all, you have to like pink. The churches were pink. The sand really was pink. For those of you interested in the arts you will see more Olympic body painting, too. The photos are posted in the pics section of Eleuthera or at the Latest Pictures Gallery.

Also the CDV, Patrick, was one of the best. He was very personable and had great entertainment. He went on to run the reservation center in Arizona.

I also saved the vacation of a famous actor, Orson Bean. He has been in a ton of films and movies. Most recently he was featured on the TV series Desparate Housewifes and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He came up to me and said, You know a lot about cameras, help me out. He said that he was moving the aperature all the way to f22 and couldn't get enough light. I had to explain to him that f22 was small because it really is 1/22. He needed to move it to 2.8 or 1/2.8, which is a whole lot bigger and lets in more light. He tried it and it worked, so he was very happy. BTW, he was a great guy and had a wonderful family.

Also, we had another famous guest, who addressed the audience every night saying how happy he was that we were coming to "his" club. He was Baron Rothschild. Yes, that's the family. He didn't stay at the club. He stayed on his yacht, but he had dinner with us every night, and participated in the sporting activities.

I will be posting more photos at There are plenty of other club photos there, too.


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