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Hi there,

we are visiting in september and was wondering if anyone knows if there is wifi available in the rooms or anywhere in the club and if so is it free or is there a charge?

Many thanks

Regards Paul
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Hi, yes there is Wi-Fi, and if you plan to use it on the two computers they have in the reception, you'll have to buy an 8 euro card, which entitles you to 2 hours Wi-Fi use. It is, however, free on Ipod Touches and Iphones, using the free username and password given. I'm not sure about the internet costing anything on our own personal laptop, but I can't seem to remember people using them paying, so I think your alright.

I think the Wi-Fi is only available in the Reception and sometimes in the Agora Village Centre, but I didn't recieve it in my room (although if your Wi-Fi connection is strong on your computer, you may be able to connect to it, only in hotel/olympe though)

Have a great trip, it's such a nice place any more questions, please ask
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