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Photos February 1981

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I have just posted a series of photos for the Club Med in Haiti. I think that I am probably the only one in this website who has been to the Club in Haiti. However, anyone whom I have ever talked to who was there, enjoyed it. It really did capture the old Club Med spirit. Also, one of the very best CDV's whom I have ever known, was the CDV when I was there. His name was Patrick. Every morning he went around the pool and talked to every GM and asked them how things were going. Two years later I at a different club and mentioned to a GO that I really admired the way Patrick did his job. That GO, who was in Haiti when I was there, said to me, That may have been one or two good weeks for you, but it was the best six months of my life. Now, that's a good CDV. I understand that Patrick later was the head of the reservation center in Arizona as well.


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Love the old skool Club Med pictures, really great!

'09 Vittel, Albion, La Pointe
'08 Les Deux Alpes, Opio, Vittel
'07 Agadir + Marrakech

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