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Review April 2009

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Hi to all CMPs,

A small feedback from my trip to CM Da Balaia.

It was a nightmare. The village was supposed to be renovated but nothing was finished, ie. workers around the pool during three days, smell of painting everywhere, not enought seats in the "design restaurant". The CDV was clearly not doing his job (he had to look after his 9 years old daughter !!) and the GOs didn't know neither what nor when to do something...
Besides, it was really windy rather cold in the morning and in the afternoon. There was no atmosphere, everybody seemed a bit lost and most of the evenings ended with a cup of herbal tea and going to bed (in a freezing cold room) early in the evening !!
There was only one show on Saturday evening and afterwards of course also people at the disco (which was empty all other nights - not that I am a big party-person but....)..
You'd better avoid this village for the next few weeks (until it's finished ?).

If someone wants more information, do not hesitate to contact me !!

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Hi, I've been to Balaia for many years, it has always been a wonderful club, maybe it's a little early as regards the weather, besides the renovation is still "work in progress", but I don't know if something changed lately... I would be very interested in your details, Christine! Thanks
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