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GO team Winter 2008-09

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I received most of the manager's names of this Winter's GO team of Peisey-Vallandry :

They are:

CDV – Gilles Lacrampe
Leisure Manager – Julien
Animation - Pierre
HR – Clémence
Lodging – Pascal
Planning - Liliane
Reception – Séverine
Maintenance – Jérome
S+F – Arnaud
Ski Service – Tip Top
ESF - Stéphane
Chief cook – Marc
Restaurant - Didier
Bar – Patrice (Switzerland)
The bar team consists of : Jérémy, Cathy, Mandy, Marco, Cyril, Julien, David, Thomas, Wesley, François, Federico, Rianne

At this time, there is snow between 1m50 (village) and 2.50m (on top of the slopes) and.... the main point:

<b>The Vanoise Express reopens on 20 December.</b>

PS (just for fun for those who know the commercial).. Georges Clooney would ask: What else ?????
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538 Posts
I received just now two more names of managers at Peisey-Vallandry:

Mini Club - Aurore
Passworld - Chris

I will get back as soon as I get more names.
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