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what's better ? hotel room or bungalow

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we are planning vacation at the kamarina.

can somebody please advise me about the difference between the bungalow club room and the hotel club room (not see view).

thank you very much,
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We were there a year ago and stayed in the village (bungalow). Personally I'd take the village area esp if you have kids, though try to request a room that is neither too close to the main area (noisier) nor too far away (the village is big - tennis is at the back). The hotel seems more for guests without kids. Half the rooms have a view over the sea (they would be nice), the other half do not. I did not see the hotel rooms so cannot compare in size or amenities/quality. There is a quiet small pool there, and the best restaurant (though you do not need to stay there to eat there). It is more isolated from the center area (activities, pool, main buffet restaurant, reception, boutiques) - up a hill and then down the other side - maybe 300+ m or so away.
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hey - personally we have stayed in both - in april 2008 in a bungalow and sept 2008 in a hotel room not sea view - we have no kids - and prefer to stay in the hotel - the bungalows are more casual - they re still fun but slightly different - if I remember correctly in the bungalows there was a normal tv and in the hotel we happened to have a flat screen.
We will be going this september - again staying in the hotel room not seaview - should be good ;)
Otherwise it is all as Tom1 said - agree totally !

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