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I was think of going to Yasmina either at the end of May or beginning of September? Which do you think is the best time or which will be the warmest?

Are there loads of kids there and what is the food like?
How about the entertainment?
Would appreciate your thoughts :)

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Kiki de M
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Village is open May 27 to September 16, 2008 (at least, this is what the web page says).

I'd go probably end of May, because I do not like the end of a season in a village (GOs are tired, are ready to leave, etc.).

There shouldn't be too many small kids, since no infrastructure for them, just the Passworld which is for 11-18 year olds (but they will be at school during the periods you mention).

Entertainment: depends on the CDV and its team, at least to some extent.
Food: Search for CMP member raab's posts and you'll find out (however, it's a different year now and the kitchen team may be better).

For more info, do check CM's web page also:

Personally, I did like the village a lot. But it's years back now.
Just too bad they close down so early.
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I went to Yasmina three times and I like very much the village.
But, last summer I was very disappointed by food and entertainment.
Food was horrible but I was told it was like this because it was the end of the season: maybe........

Another team will be better, maybe.
The place is great, a lot of sports, beautiful gardens and a real beach.
I'd go on May more than on september, really.
The weather is not fine on september and as Kiki said, the team is ready to leave.....
Not the same atmosphere.

Don't worry about kids. A few teenagers but it's fun with them.
Tell me if you need more details about this place I know well.
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