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GO accommodation?

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Dear Fellow GOs,

I have an honest question... Can someone write about whether the GO Rooms in Da Balaia are in Single or Shared Type?
Plus any reaction from GOs who had the chance to live a season in the rooms before...

Thanks in Advance...
I am kindly waiting for someone to reply on this query...

Happy New Year 2008!

All the Best,

Connie Family Band
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Hello Connie Family Band,

I was a GO at Da Balaia in 1996/97/99.

I always had good rooms

The 1st 2 years I shared with another GO Girl a nice room at the Golf Rooms (I was Golf GO)it was ground floor but I had a very nice balcony.

1999 I was living at the CDV House. This is a type of bungallow with 4 rooms, individuals, with kitchen, living room and a very nice garden. This happened because Francis was alone and he prefered to be closer and in one of the Hotel rooms.

In general at Da Balaia GO's have nice rooms but you have to share it.
Da Balaia isn't as hard as before the GM's have changed a lot, it's a very pleasant place Albufeira has a very good night life and you have everything near by. Lisbon or Seville are 2.5 hours driving.

Wishing you a nice season
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I was there last year!

The GO's accommodation it quite good!! Either you have a room to share with someone else in one of the hotels!!
Or you live like a kind of bungalow!! Both are really good!!
You are going there for the season??
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