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To all who may be considering visiting:

We had read the posts here before we went and with some trepidation we set off to the resort. We were lucky because the trip was mostly free because one of us attended a conference there. By the way, the conference facilities were quite good.

Based on the other posts we read, we would strongly advise to visit at the time we did: starting the 1st week of November (spring). We had no rain for the 9 days we were there, however it had apparently rained for 8 days straight prior to our arrival! Obviously, rain every day would dampen anyone's vacation. The weather for us was simply beautiful. 30-37C and sunny almost every day.

We found the clientelle to be a mixture of young, old and family. There is a mini club med for kids and tons of adult activities. While the night club was open and going every night we did not hear much noise beyond the main buildings. We would advise booking in the same solar we did, Badejo. Its the farthest one from the main building (a 5 min. walk) and right on the beach. We went to sleep every night to the sound of waves coming in.....

Now, hotel standards. We are both from Canada and have stayed at upscale Fairmont hotels all over North America and found everything at this club med to be completely acceptable. Everything was quite clean. The food was beyond our expectations. If you are into a healthy dietary regimen there are excellent choices available. The fresh fruit and vegetables were outstanding. My wife is Cuban and was positively delighted at the fruit, which reminded her of her native country. We would describe the resort as very comfortable. Its not a luxury place where you are waited on hand and foot, but that in no way seemed to be missing here. We would not hesitate to return. Also worthy of mention were the nightly entertainment plays. Quite comical!

Last, but certainly not least we would emphasize the service. Absolutely outstanding! The staff seem highly motivated to make you comfortable, get you exercising (if you wish, no pressure) and having as much fun as you want. Service could not have been better, we were able to communicate easily in English and Spanish. We also learned some Portuguese!

We would highly recommend this place. We are guessing that ownership/management has changed since the previous posts. We stayed for 9 days in a tropical paradise and found it difficult to leave.
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Ciao!! Sorry i wanted to asked u if u saw a GO there name is Raphy??
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Hi Shtoza,

I was in Rio das Pedras last week, and yes Raphy (French GO) is a Chef the sports there.

Good luck

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