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It's not summer camp anymore
Family Fun

Club Med has spent more than 45 of the past 60+ years building its outstanding reputation for family fun.

Award-winning children's clubs

A world-class staff of GOs entertain, educate and enthrall kids with enriching programs and activities that are specially designed for every age group and personalized to each child.


Club Med has invented a new luxury way of living together in a warm and elegant spirit: exceptional destinations, customized, exclusive services, original activities, interiors designed by international names in the warm-hearted spirit the Club is renowned for.

5ψ Resorts and 5ψ Luxury Spaces

Discover an exceptional new luxury experience

Villas & Chalets

Luxurious Villas and Chalets, designed with elegance and bearing the mark of local traditions, located at the heart of exceptional sites, alongside the most beautiful Club Med Resorts in the world: La Plantation d'Albion in Mauritius (5 Tridents) and Valmorel in the French Alps (4 Tridents)

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  • Ixtapa Pacific

    Earthquake in Mexico

    A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit today near Acapulco and was felt in our village of Club Med Ixtapa Pacific. We are in contact with the resort and no injuries or damage has been reported. The Civil Protection authorities have requested that all beach and water

  • Cancun Yucatán


    Does anyone know who the new or remaining CDV will be at Cancun for Winter season?

  • Punta Cana

    Connecting rooms

    We are traveling with another family, both in club family rooms, are there any buildings that have connecting rooms?

  • Information

    Two Adults love Snorkeling (over 50)

    If you had the funds and could go to any club med in the World (two adults) which Club Med would you choose and why?

  • Information

    gluten free

    Anyone ever had experience being gluten-free at Club Med? A family member just got diagnosed with celiac disease and I''m wondering how that''s going to work out on our vacation early next year at CM Cancun. I plan to email the resort beforehand, just wanted

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