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Latest Gossip

  • Turquoise


    Heard a rumor Barq was heading back to Dominican Republic for the Winter season. Also for one who usually does the Turks has anyone been there with the kids and all. Could I stand it? Thinking about a change this next trip and I always liked Barq at T&C and Bahamas.

  • Questions

    for recruitment purpose

    Dear sir, I''ve apply for job in club med recruitment website several time but no response yet and now am in france and I want to join club med as G.O barman or ski nautique. Can I please have more information in my e-mail how to do the

  • Ixtapa Pacific

    Lost item- every sentimental book

    Lost my copy of book of poetry Courage to Lead in my room in Cielo or in the Miramar game room on Friday prior to leaving Opportunity Collaboration. How do I contact lost and found? I can be contacted at

  • Information

    Fosun to win ?

    (Reuters) - Holiday group Club Mediterranee''s (CMIP.PA) board have given a unanimous recommendation that its shareholders accept the improved takeover offer from Chinese conglomerate Fosun International. (0656.HK) Fosun''s Gaillon Invest II vehicle offered

  • Scuba

    NItrox at Turks

    Turkoise diving will have Nitrox available by Nov. 2014

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