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Latest Gossip

  • Scuba

    NItrox at Turks

    Turkoise diving will have Nitrox available by Nov. 2014

  • Playa Blanca

    Playa Blanca

    Went to PB with a friend from work in nov 1986. We came from vancouver bc. I met this guy (John) from California and have been inseparable since ! Just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary . Would have loved to go back for an anniversary but it''s not there

  • Ixtapa Pacific

    Review Ixtapa CM August 25-September 1, 2014

    This is my second visit to this village, and 51st CM vacation in 18 different villages. I was there in Sept 2011 with good memories ( my review is posted at this site). The price was good during the sale in Oct 2013, and I took it. The closest airport does not

  • Information


    Heard a rumor Barq was heading back to Dominican Republic for the Winter season. Also for one who usually does the Turks has anyone been there with the kids and all. Could I stand it? Thinking about a change this next trip and I always liked Barq at T&C and Bahamas.

  • Phuket

    Dress code Phuket Sat and Sun?

    Anyone know what the current dress code is for Phuket for Saturday and Sunday nights? Thanks for any info!

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